asylum applicants

Lithuania granted protection to 140 asylum seekers in 2018

The 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) granted protection status to nearly 333 400 asylum seekers in 2018, down by almost 40% from 2017 (533 000)....

Russian nationalist Gorsky to apply for political asylum in Lithuania

Yuri Gorsky , an organizer of "Russian Marches", plans to apply for political asylum in Lithuania after fleeing Russia .

Latvian citizen busted in Lithuania with 2 Syrian citizens en route to Western Europe

Border guards of Kalvarija, southwestern Lithuania, have detained a Latvian citizen transporting to Western Europe a Syrian father and son who had applied...

Court instructs Migration Department decide on asylum for Kurdish family

A Vilnius court has instructed the Migration Department to reconsider the asylum application from a Kurdish family.

IOM Vilnius and Santa visited Rukla refugee reception centre

200 asylum applicants have been relocated and resettled to Lithuania from Greece and Turkey in 2016. Since it is their first Christmas in Lithuania,...

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