Alma Vaitkunskienė EN

Vilnius politicians dismiss administrative director

Council of the Vilnius City Municipality on Tuesday dismissed Alma Vaitkunskienė as administrative director after she lost the mayor's confidence.

Vilnius mayor says to push for administration director's dismissal

Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius says that he cannot imagine himself working with Alma Vaitkunskienė , who on Wednesday survived a vote on her...

Vaitkunskienė stays as director of Vilnius administration

Alma Vaitkunskienė keeps her job as director of the Vilnius administration after surviving a vote on her dismissal in the city's council on Wednesday.

New administrative director proposed for Vilnius municipality

The Liberal Movement, which is the ruling party in the Lithuanian capital's council, will in the coming weeks seek to replace administrative director Alma...

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