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Vilnius unveils plaque to mark 100th anniversary of Lithuania's 1st government

A commemorative plaque was unveiled in Vilnius on Friday on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Lithuania's first government.

Feb. 16 celebrations in Soviet Lithuania: from pieces of cloth to tricolour

Vytautas Bogušis , then a ninth-grade student, 43 years ago bought pieces of cloth for a hand-made yellow-green-red Lithuanian flag that his schoolmates...

Basanavičius, Landsbergis, Smetona found as Lithuania's persons of the year - poll

Lithuania's residents and historians believe that the three figures with the main contribution to the country's statehood over the past century include...

Comparing 1939 and 2014: Is this already war?

Seventy-five years ago this week, people in Europe and most of the world woke up to ominous newspaper headlines: "German Army Attacks Poland; Cities Bombed,...

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