„Megrame" Ruandoje valdys 1,4 tūkst. hektaro miško (7)

Su langų bei durų gamybos „Megrame“ įmonių grupe siejama „Sawmill East Africa“, pasirašiusi koncesijos sutarti su Ruandos vyriausybe, gavo...

Lithuanian govt approves new ambassadors to Poland, Croatia, Austria

The Lithuanian government gave on Wednesday the go-ahead for the appointment of new ambassadors to Poland, Croatia and Austria.

Borisovas proposed for Lithuania's ambassador to Poland

Career diplomat Eduardas Borisovas has been proposed for Lithuania's ambassador to Poland and would assume his new position on Dec. 3, according to a draft...

Jüri Luik: I think we can cooperate more

Estonia is often presented as a model country among the Baltic States, however it faces all the same security challenges as Lithuania and Latvia, ranging...

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