Lithuania is withdrawing from the construction of the European Spallation Source centre in Lund, Sweden, due to financial limitations, the Education and Science Ministry said in a proposal to be discussed by the government on Wednesday.
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© DELFI / Giedrė Armalytė

"Lithuania is currently committed to participation in other international research infrastructures and organizations, such as the European Molecular Biology Conference and the European Nuclear Research Center CERN, with participation to be financed both by the European Union and from the state budget. We currently have no potential for financing Lithuania's participation in the ERIC project from European Union funds," the ministry said.

The government decided to join the project in May of 2015. Under the agreement, Lithuania was to invest about 8.5 million euros (0.45 pct of the total value), including up to 70 percent in non-monetary contribution, such as equipment, services, etc. Lithuania then expected to cover the participation from EU funds.

ERIC includes 12 countries.