Following on from Hollywood star Sean Penn, it now appears that US president Barack Obama also has family links to Lithuania.
Barack Obama. Photo Ludo Segers

While President Obama himself does not have direct links to Lithuania, his half-brother’s grand-parents were both Litvaks, Ida and Maurice Baker. Mr Baker was born in Kaunas while his wife was born in Vilnius.

Obama's father, also Barack, married a second time and his wife's parents were both Litvaks - Ida and Maurice Baker.

The news comes as Obama's Kenyan half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo has released a book in which he describes what he was told about his ancestors by his grandmother Ida.

She mentions that her father was Abraham Indurskis, a photographer who lived in Vilnius. Later, their family fearing pogroms emigrated to South Africa. Obama‘s father also emigrated to the country where he later met a daughter of the Lithaunian Jewish family and married her.