Pope Francis welcomed pilgrims from countries around the world at a general audience yesterday, among them were a group of 15 people from Lithuania - and many of them were greeted with a personal handshake.
Pope Francis
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The Lithuanians were members of the Ark and Faith & Light communities that take care of people with mental disabilities. They were accompanied by the Archbishop of Kaunas, Lionginas Virbalas SJ, and the Rector of the Lithuanian St. Casimir College in Rome, priest Audrius Arštikaitis.

“Looking at our friends - people with disabilities, we can see the satisfaction and joy of this important event,” said one of the group members, Monika Giršaitė on Vatican Radio.

“We are 14 people, seven individuals with intellectual disabilities and seven escorts. Throughout the whole journey we are accompanied by the Archbishop Lionginas Virbalas. We are from the Arka community. An invitation to go on the trip was a very big surprise,” she said.