The latest figures show that last year was a record year for Lithuania and Invest Lithuania with 50% more jobs created from foreign investment than last year, according to the agency.
Mantas Katinas
© DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

“This year, there were 50% more jobs created than last year,” said Mantas Katinas, the general manager of Invest Lithuania on Žinių Radijas. “In the last five years Lithuania from a very low base is improving its position in the different business environment rankings. The organisation Invest Lithuania is getting stronger as well, there are business clusters forming in Lithuania that will become centres of attraction for other companies. This inertia effect allows to improve the performance for a number of years and this year we have achieved record results,” he said.

Three sectors lead the way in this improved performance, manufacturing, service centres and next-generation digital businesses, according to Katinas. The number of investment projects secured, the number of jobs created and the level of investment in fixed assets all increased.

“It is important that investment in production is recovering in Lithuania, this is reflected in investments in fixed assets of €144 million this year. The second area was service centres – where large companies’ centres of excellence are established in Lithuania. The third area - next-generation digital businesses which are very popular among international media. Lithuania, with many talented people, is able to attract investors in this very promising sector,” he said.

Žinių Radijas