“The silent” Seimas the end of the internal fights
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“The silent” Seimas the end of the internal fights
Gintautas Sliesoriūnas | ldkistorija.lt 2018 rugpjūčio 7 d. 09:00

The Sejm of the Polish – Lithuanian joint state – the
Commonwealth of the Two Nations – that convened on 1
February 1717, and sat in conference for only six or seven
hours instead of the usual several weeks or several months,
was given a name of “silent” because the draft laws were
approved without considering them and none of the
participants was allowed to start discussions. This
procedure for adopting laws was agreed upon in advance. Only
the Speaker of the Sejm was allowed to speak whose
candidature was coordinated prior to the beginning of the
Sejm. There was no usual election of the Speaker of the Sejm

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