Kupiškis’ lagoon shaken by the centenary event “Stichijos”
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Kupiškis’ lagoon shaken by the centenary event
EN.DELFI 2018 liepos 16 d. 15:43

“Stichijos” (“Elements”) is a creativity and arts
festival that does not have an equivalent in the entire
Lithuania, and is aimed at promoting the name of the city of
Kupiškis. On July 7th, the third iteration of the
“Stichijos” event arrived to the Kupiškis lagoon with a
resonating name “Mother-in-law’s Tongue”. The event
was dedicated to celebrating the centenary of Lithuania’s
independence, and the four elements – fire, water, earth
and air – that reflected the specific periods of the
country’s history, including their spirit, fashion, music,
and creative activities Kupiškis Culture Centre wrote in a
press release.

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