Hot curry on a hot night
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Hot curry on a hot night
Seán O'Donnell 2018 liepos 4 d. 08:30

The British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania (BCCL), ended
their 2017-18 season with the 5th Annual Curry Cook-off on
the Čiop Čiop roof top terrace in Vilnius. Six teams
prepared various curry dishes for an audience of BCCL
members and friends on 28th June, and before three judges
– Rajinder Chaudhary, the Honorary Consul of India to
Lithuania and owner of Sue’s Indian Raja in Vilnius;
Gaspar Fernandes, Chef at Gaspar’s Restaurant in Vilnius
and Brand Chef at Baltic master, Evaldas Žaliukas, who was
joining the judging panel for the first time.

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