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Russian citizens who applied but failed to pass the official Latvian language examination or did not take it for justified reasons may obtain a residence permit for a term of up to two years, according to the amendments to the Immigration Law adopted by the Saeima in the second and final reading on ...

16.09.2023, 09:00

В Вильнюсе прошла акция "Путин — убийца", приуроченная к третьей годовщине отравления Алексея Навального. На площади им. Винцаса Кудирки собралось свыше 100 человек. Вильнюс — один из 79 городов, где проходило мероприятие.

20.08.2023, 17:43

Акция запланирована на 20 августа на площади Кудирки ( Vinco Kudirkos aikštė) в 14:00. Вильнюс — один из 79 городов, где пройдет мероприятие. Организаторы протеста "Путин — убийца" ( считают, что без прекращения диктатуры Владимира Путина невозможно прекращение войны и суще...

11.08.2023, 17:34

Gintaras Steponavicius, a Lithuanian MP charged with abuse in a high-profile political corruption trial involving MG Baltic, one of the country's biggest business groups, doubts if secret recordings of his conversations and his earlier testimony were correctly reflected in the case.

05.02.2020, 14:46

In a change of anti-money laundering tactics, Lithuania's authorities open pre-trial investigations even if there are only suspicions about the origin of money, an official said on Wednesday.

22.05.2019, 17:05
Justinas Šuliokas and Ludo Segers

Corruption has been habitually singled out as one of the major afflictions slowing down Lithuania’s development, a problem put down to the country’s Soviet legacy as well as frailty of its young institutions. Jovitas Raškevičius, of the Special Investigation Service (STT), notes that the effort Lith...

23.02.2018, 11:29

The Lithuanian parliament has opened its autumn session. Here is a look at the session's potentially most-contentious bills:

12.09.2017, 10:09

Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė has criticized the country's ruling politicians for insufficient efforts against corruption, stating that mechanisms to protect those reporting corruption were not yet in place.

08.06.2017, 15:12

The government has not yet made its decision on the use of 13 million euros paid by Alstom to the country as ordered by a London court in a case in which the French group's Swedish energy unit Alstom Power was accused of corruption in Lithuania.

30.05.2017, 12:35

Lithuania's new parliament of the 2016-2020 term also lacks will to fight corruption, President Dalia Grybauskaitė said after the parliament on Tuesday overruled her veto on internal deals in municipalities. This was the first presidential veto rejected by the new parliament.

02.05.2017, 16:20

Последняя история с отмыванием денег, когда из России как предполагают могли вывести около 22 млрд долларов, не окажет значительного влияния на надёжность финансового сектора Литвы, поскольку роль банков страны в этой истории была относительно незначительной, утверждают эксперты.

24.03.2017, 12:05