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On the evening of 13 January 1991, journalist Eglė Bučelytė was broadcasting from the Lithuanian Radio and Television studio in Vilnius when Soviet paratroopers broke into the building to cut off her live broadcast. With the approach of that significant day's 25th anniversary, Bučelytė spoke to Delf...

13.01.2016, 09:20
Daiva Repečkaitė, LT Daily

“Sometimes I think, how come we weren't a least bit afraid – even for my husband, who was a Soviet army conscript at the time?” Odeta Barkauskienė, a factory worker at the time of the turbulent events of January 1991, remembers her spontaneous decision to join civil guards of a broadcasting station ...

12.01.2016, 14:25
Dr. Stasys Backaitis

Most of the time history can’t be put to bed even though agreements to end wars have been concluded, victors have drawn new boundary lines, promises made, but they soon get either forgotten or swept under the rug, as if they weren’t there. The story of the northern part of former East Prussia (now k...

25.07.2015, 09:00
Mantas Kuncaitis

Although international law as a concept of general principles and customs has been known for centuries, reaching as back as Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome, discussions concerning its existence and common application reached its apogee only in the 20th century; however, neither the theoretical discus...

02.12.2014, 08:58

Conservative members in the city council of Šiauliai, north Lithuania, want to remove graves of Soviet soldiers and an obelisk with their names out of the city's central Resurrection Square. Mayor Justinas Sartauskas of the Social Democrats disagrees.

10.11.2014, 13:01