Russia's aggression against Ukraine

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Vladimiras Laučius,

A cloth voodoo doll with tiny button eyes depicting Vladimir Putin; a knife to cut it; a water bowl to drown it; pins and needles to prick it. And it all feels so good. It’s a perfect illustration of what the desks of certain politicians, reporters and analysts might look like who were writing about...

22.01.2016, 13:01
Marius Laurinavičius

I purposefully chose a title for my piece to evoke the notorious phrase from 1949 by the then US Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal: "The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. They’re right around. I’ve seen Russian soldiers."

29.04.2015, 14:46
Agnia Grigas

As tensions are brewing between Russia and the West, the three tiny states on the coast of the Baltic Sea - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - seem to be at the epicentre of this imminent showdown.

16.04.2015, 09:12
Vytautas Dumbliauskas

How should we evaluate the current phase of Russia’s war against Ukraine? Is Vladimir Putin content with the results of his invasion and is going to stop? Unfortunately, there are too many arguments that suggest it is just a short silence before the next storm.

23.10.2014, 09:18
Laurynas Kaščiūnas

As Russia's intervention in Ukraine seems to be entering a lower-intensity stage and reports are coming in about ceasefire agreements, both international and Lithuanian media are indulging in discussions on who are the winners and the losers of the conflict.

03.10.2014, 16:56

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated on several occasions that stationing permanent NATO forces in Eastern Europe would be in breach of the 1997 NATO-Russia agreement. However, legal expert Erika Leonaitė, a lecturer at the International Relations and Political Science Institute of Vilnius Uni...

04.09.2014, 08:34