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Gabija Zdanytė

If a young adult decides to start living independently, one of the major challenges is accommodation, especially if they choose to move into a big city. Record-high rent prices are common in almost the entire European Union, and Lithuania’s capital Vilnius is no exception. Students, even those who h...

29.09.2023, 15:02
Justina Vaišvilaitė

Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė on Wednesday met with representatives of US space company SpaceX on the margins of Vilnius Space Days, conference for business and science.

27.09.2023, 18:16
Айсте Жебраускене

В прошлом месяце 24 компании в Литве выплатили средние зарплаты больше 10 000 евро "на бумаге". Эти данные есть на сайте "Содры". В большей части случаев такие зарплаты - это результат смены числа работников.

26.09.2023, 06:57
Justina Vaišvilaitė

On Sunday morning, the last cruise liner this year is set to dock in the port of Klaipėda. A total of 41 cruise liners berthed at the Lithuanian port city this season, which lasts about five months.

18.09.2023, 09:53

In July 2023, the volume of construction work carried out in Lithuania amounted to EUR 507.1 million at current prices and, against June, seasonally and calendar adjusted, increased by 4.8 percent at constant prices (unadjusted – by 0.4 percent), reports the State Data Agency.

17.09.2023, 09:00

US Cyber Command’s Cyber National Mission Force recently concluded their second defensive hunt operation to Lithuania, building upon relationships and experiences from the previous deployment to the country in May 2022, reports the Ministry of the Interior.

13.09.2023, 10:41
Karolis Broga

Vilnius City Municipality has approved plans to acquire hydrogen-powered buses and to start green nitrogen production as of 2026. Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys notes that in the future Lithuania is expected to produce vast amounts of hydrogen using excess energy generated by power plants from r...

12.09.2023, 13:22
Karolis Broga

The European Commission has adopted guidelines that cars with Russian number plates should not be allowed to enter the European Union. Commenting about the guidelines Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jovita Neliupšienė said that cars with Russian number plates would be seized if they enter Lithuan...

12.09.2023, 13:13

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania strongly condemns the so-called “elections” of governors, regional legislatures, city and municipal councils, organised by the Russian government and its collaborators on 8-10 September in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine – the Autonomous Rep...

11.09.2023, 16:39
Justina Vaišvilaitė

Lithuania has opened a laser laboratory in Taiwan in efforts to accelerate the development of laser technology and new technologies, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation said on Monday.

11.09.2023, 16:36