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The Bank of Lithuania, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Lithuanian Banking Association (LBA) and individual financial market participants have agreed to cooperate by exchanging special information on cyber threats, the central bank said in a press release.

02.08.2023, 09:28

The Bank of Lithuania has published the monetary financial institution (MFI) balance sheet and interest rate data for June 2023, which show that deposits of Lithuanian residents with credit institutions decreased by €300.6 million, or 0.8% over the month (its annual growth rate was 10.7%): non-finan...

29.07.2023, 10:00
Erika Alonderytė

The minimum monthly pre-tax pay could go up 18.9 percent, or 138 euros, to 868 euros in Lithuania next year, the central Bank of Lithuania says, adding, however, that it would be in favor of more cautious decisions, such as delaying decisions on the minimum pay or raising it in stages, due to the hi...

21.06.2022, 15:38

The central Bank of Lithuania has issued a fine of 370,000 euros to Lithuanian-capital payment company Paysera LT for its anti-money laundering violations. The company plans to appeal.

16.11.2020, 14:39

PayRay, a Lithuanian financial sector company, has started a new page of its business service activities. It has now begun operating as a bank and will soon start collecting deposits, as well as further focusing on developing capital financing solutions for businesses, the company announced in a pre...

15.10.2020, 09:51

As new information on the transfer of money of dubious origin via Danske Bank's divisions in the Baltic states has recently emerged, the central Bank of Lithuania says it is cooperating with Denmark's law enforcement.

25.09.2020, 16:39

Over 100 Lithuanian residents have lost hundreds of thousands of euros while investing via Cyprus company Royal Forex LTD and its investment platforms GMO trading, but the central Bank of Lithuania admits chances of recovering the money are slim, the public broadcaster LRT's investigation division r...

01.03.2020, 08:15

After inspection, AB Šiaulių bankas was given mandatory order and fined. The Bank of Lithuania performed a planned targeted inspection of the activities of AB Šiaulių bankas, the central bank announced in a press release.

30.12.2019, 17:17

The Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania, after examining the NEO Finance, AB advertisements available on the social network Facebook,, and other websites, established that the company, in advertising its services, did not properly present standard information on consume...

30.12.2019, 17:04

With global economic growth continuing to weaken, the pace of economic development in Lithuania will also decrease. The Bank of Lithuania projects that after a 3.7% growth of the country’s economy in 2019, next year it will increase by 2.5%. The same projection was made in September of this year.

19.12.2019, 16:20

The Bank of Lithuania sees the Seimas' proposal to raise the corporate income tax rate for banks from 15 percent to 20 percent as a better alternative to the earlier proposed new tax on lenders' assets, but criticizes the parliament for its haste in making such tax changes.

08.12.2019, 15:47

The government's 2020 budget bill projects a significant amount of questionable revenue from improved tax administration, which may lead to a worse-than-planned general government balance and raises serious doubts as to the draft budget's compliance with the fiscal discipline rules, the country's ce...

18.11.2019, 17:37

Lithuania's economy has maintained a stable growth pace, analysts say after the country's statistics office, Statistics Lithuania, said earlier today that the country's GDP grew 3.6 percent over a quarter.

03.11.2019, 04:05