Speaking at the Seimas, the head of Government emphasised that Russia’s war against Ukraine is the most pressing strategic issue for Europe, for the transatlantic community and for the world, according to parliament’s press service.

“Russia’s war stands in contrast to everything what democratically elected parliaments represent – the ideals of liberty, fundamentals freedoms, the rule of law, the value of human life and dignity. (&) Russia cannot break Ukraine, but it hopes to break the unity of our societies, our democratic community. It hopes to exploit our election cycles. It hopes that our societies sooner or later would get tired of supporting Ukraine,” stated Šimonytė.

She stressed that democratic countries would not get tired and would pass the test of perseverance.
“We do not have other choice. Because Putin’s raw hate for democracy combined with Russia’s imperial ambitions pose a long-term threat far beyond Ukraine’s borders. Today the heroism of the Ukrainian people is preventing Russia’s war from spreading further into Europe. But in the long term, it is the unity of democratic states and the military preparedness of NATO that can deter Russia from its further aggression,” Šimonytė said in her speech.

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