The identity has been confirmed by the State Forensic Medicine Service through DNA tests and the comparison of sculls and persons' photos.

Volunteer soldier Streikus-Stumbras actively resisted the Soviets in 1941-1958 and went into hiding from the Soviet government in 1941 and spread anti-Soviet leaflets. On June 24 of the same year together with other participants of the June uprising he liberated the town of Antazave from the Soviets.

In July, 1944 he joined the Zalgiris squad led by his father and received the pseudonym "Stumbras", and took over the lead of one of the resistance movement' units after his father was killed a year later.

Streikus took part in multiple armed fights with the Soviet collaborators and NKVD units in the territories of Lithuania and Latvia.

In 1958, Streikus and his younger brother Izidorius Streikus-Girenas regularized after being granted immunity but were deceived by the Soviet government. The brothers were detained in 1961 and convicted. Streikus was sentenced to death and his younger brother was issued a prison sentence of 15 years.

Streikus-Stumbras was executed by firing squad on Aug 17, 1962 in Vilnius.

He was officially recognized as a volunteer soldier in 1998 and was granted the captain rank by the Ministry of National Defense. The president awarded a Medal of the Founding Volunteers of the Lithuanian Army in 2001.

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