"The status does not bother us, but we believe that it runs counter to the Constitution," Karbauskis told the Ziniu Radijas radio station.

"The first thing (...) the Seimas opposition is going to do is to collect signatures and turn to the Constitutional Court, because the court has twice said that such a decision would be unlawful and would violate the Constitution," he said.

Last week, the parliament recognized that the president of the Supreme Council, the post held by Vytautas Landsbergis at the time, was the first head of state of Lithuania after it declared independence from the Soviet Union on March 11, 1990.

According to the Farmers and Greens' leader, the decision contradicts "both the situation at the time and logic itself".

"The man who was never elected as president has now been recognized by law as the head of state who practically served as president, even though you remember very well the explanation of Ceslovas Jursenas and other politicians who worked in the Seimas at the time that in fact the speaker of the Seimas then (…) had only a part of the president’s functions," he said.

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