The politician announced he has made up his mind to participate in the leadership election because the party has reached “the existential Hamlet-like state of to be or not to be”.

He argues that the party’s main objective is to win back the trust of disappointed voters.

According to Gedvilas, the party’s name in itself suggests that it must represent the interests of workers, adding that working people and businesses are the driving force of the country.

The MP also stated that the Labour Party’s clear target should repeat its best result – 340,000 votes in elections.

Gedvilas emphasised that the Labour Party has to rally together, its members must be empowered and become more active, especially as they are willing to work together and have great potential.

Furthermore, he noted that the Labour Party must represent those who now have to consider how to make ends meet and how to make a living, as well as those who wish to be free and respected, instead of attempting to decriminalise drugs, pass a law on the civil union, ratify the Istanbul Convention or introduce new taxes.

As reported, following the resignation of Viktor Uspaskikh as the leader of the Labour Party, several candidates have already expressed interest in replacing him, including MP Andrius Mazuronis and lawyer Marijus Velička.

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