The Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrat party (TS-LKD) meanwhile intends to initiate early elections amid the municipal expenses scandal after journalist and public activist Andrius Tapinas revealed that municipal councillors from various parties might have been misusing public funds for expenses. If parliament votes against a snap election, the TS-LKD presidium recommended to the Government to resign.

“One should simply listen to what the president says. The ruling majority and the president, the head of Government and the president should attempt to solve these problems so that the Government could continue working,” Blinkevičiūtė told the radio station Žinių radijas on Friday.

According to the LSDP leader, if Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė steps down, then the entire Cabinet should resign and the TS-LKD should appoint another prime minister.

“If these options are exhausted and a new Government still cannot be formed, then, of course, early elections would be the last option,” said Blinkevičiūtė.