They were closed when the pandemic broke out in March, 2020. The decision on reopening these checkpoints was made by the Lithuanian government last week.

The reopening checkpoints include Sumskas-Losha in Vilnius District, as well as Tverecius-Vidzy and Papelekis-Lyntupy in Svencionys District. According to the SBGS, vehicles carrying large and heavy cargo will be able to cross the border via Sumskas-Losha checkpoint, and passenger cars will be able to cross the border via the first two. While empty heavy vehicles will also be able to cross the border via Tverecius-Vidzy checkpoint.

The number of land checkpoints on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border was reduced after the lockdown was introduced in March, 2020 as Lithuania left only Raigardas, Salcininkai, Lavoriskes and Medininkai checkpoints open.

The modernization of Medininkai checkpoint, the largest on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, was started in November. Due to the reconstruction, its capacity was reduced, therefore, vehicles carrying large-size and heavy car were not able to cross the border via this checkpoint, and Papelekis checkpoints was opened for that.

The need for direct truck flows elsewhere emerged during the reconstruction of Medininkai checkpoint, therefore, Tverecius has been opened for empty vehicles.

Sumskas is in the same road network and direction as Medininkai, therefore, its reopening is expected to reduce the flows of passenger cars via Medininkai checkpoints that's under reconstruction.

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