He told Delfi TV on Tuesday that the company was invited to design and produce a remote minelaying system together with a German manufacturer. He noted that mines were one of the factors that complicated Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia.

The expert said that remote minelayers are often installed on armoured vehicles that cost at least EUR 2.5 million per unit. Whereas Lithuanians and Germans have found a cheaper mobility alternative that is unmatched to date.

According to Antanaitis, the company together with remote minelaying manufacturers devised a way to reduce the cost of equipment. He says the Krampus all-terrain vehicle drives silently and can be controlled remotely to protect soldiers.

Antanaitis added that it would take time before factory acceptance testing begins and the equipment is demonstrated in various countries. He expressed hope that in a couple of months the concept would be presented to Lithuania and the world.

Parts of the remote minelaying system would likely be made in different countries due to legislative constraints on military technology production in Lithuania. It would be developed in Lithuania to a certain level permissible by law and manufacture would then move to Germany.

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