For almost six months the Russian army has been mercilessly destroying energy infrastructure facilities, but it has not been able to achieve the desired result - plunging Ukraine into darkness.

Since the beginning of the attacks on the Ukrainian energy network, the Russian Federation has launched more than 700 missiles and drones on the energy system of Ukraine. The Russians destroyed more than half of all Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities, damaged fifty substations of various voltage classes and dozens of high-voltage lines.

According to the estimates of analysts of the Kyiv School of Economics, the damage to the energy infrastructure as a result of the attacks by the Russians has already reached almost $7 billion. More than a hundred energy workers have been killed.

The global goal of energy terror is to create problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provoke "hunger riots," and force Kyiv to surrender. This is an absolutely naive technology that has no chance of success in Ukraine.

Recently, the Russian army launched the fourteenth mass missile attack on the objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine. The main target was again power plants and high-voltage network facilities. Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 61 out of more than 70 missiles launched by the Russians. This is a good result, but it is, unfortunately, not enough to protect against missile terror. Ukraine needs more modern air defense system. We desperately need it now.

Ukrainian energy companies are doing their best in order to restore the power system, but the situation remains extremely difficult. We also depend heavily on foreign equipment provided by Western partners. In particular, Lithuania has already sent 114 transformers to Ukraine and plans to send over two hundred more. In total, Vilnius handed over three million euros to Kyiv for the restoration of the destroyed energy infrastructure of Ukraine. We very much appreciate such contribution.

Significant support from allies, quick repairs, import of electricity, and intensive work of hydroelectric power stations, as well as a relatively warm winter, allow Ukraine to gradually reduce the electricity deficit. But the war continues and the Russians do not stop trying to damage our infrastructure. A new attack could start at any minute. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough equipment in reserve and that means that we need to concentrate our focus on priority items.

Also, Ukraine needs the support of European partners on the issue of compensation for the damages caused by Russia to the Ukrainian energy system, the transfer to Ukraine of the frozen assets of the Russian Federation, and the return of Zaporizhzhya NPP under Ukrainian control.

I am afraid that the next heating season can be even more difficult for Ukraine. But I am convinced that we will pass it with dignity together with the support of our allies.

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