Velička is the Labour Party’s deputy chair and the acting head of its election campaign. The politician says he is a team player who can work together with other members of the Labour Party and open a new page in its history.

He highlights his experience and determination to prove that the Labour Party “is not a political dwarf on the side-lines of history”.

Furthermore, Velička believes that proposals made by other members of the party working on different political levels are worthy of being implemented, while the party’s voters deserve to be safeguarded “against the clamorous and fickle noise of liberalism”.

The politician says he is “a proponent of traditional values” and it is clear to him “what is a family, humanity, a man and a woman” and what is “irresponsible liberal populism striving solely for short term benefit”. As a lawyer, he vows to oppose the legalisation of drugs even if they are perceived to be light drugs.

In addition, Velička stresses that he is not from “the Vilnius clan” and is well aware how people outside of the country’s capital live.
Velička added that he decided to run in the Labour Party’s upcoming leadership election after securing the endorsement of its Honorary Chairman Uspaskikh, who promised to advise him on any matter.

Earlier it was reported that Labour Party’s MP Andrius Mazuronis would too run in the leadership election.

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