"There is not a single more important issue than Russia’s war against Ukraine, although sometimes it feels as if we are a little bit stuck in cold mud when it comes to decisions on support for Ukraine. Lithuania’s position has not changed. More support for Ukraine — military, financial, and humanitarian — is a duty of the whole European Union," Landsbergis said during a debate on Russia’s war against Ukraine.

EU foreign ministers also discussed the EU’s further macro-financial and military assistance to Ukraine, Russia’s accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression, Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in its statement.

Foreign ministers also exchanged views on Iran’s internal situation, peaceful protests amid the brutal crackdown, military support for Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the EU action, including additional sanctions against Iran.

"The alleged gestures of goodwill are just a smoke curtain. We must raise the issue of Iran’s accountability for suppressing peaceful protests and participating in Russia’s war against Ukraine," Lithuania's top diplomat said and affirmed Lithuania’s support for the Foreign Affairs Council’s conclusions on Iran.

In addition, foreign ministers discussed topical foreign policy issues: the situation in Moldova, Kosovo, Tunisia, and Yemen.

At the EU-Eastern Partnership Foreign Ministers meeting, Landsbergis noted that the future of the Eastern Partnership region and the entire European continent depended on Ukraine’s victory. Everything we are giving to Ukraine at the moment strengthens our security.

"Currently, the Eastern Partnership countries are standing on separate rail tracks when it comes to closer cooperation with the EU. But it is a unique form of cooperation that brings these countries closer to the European Union and one another. The Eastern Partnership is not only a platform for cooperation but also a catalyst for progress," Landsbergis said.

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