“While we all want the war to end and for Ukraine to emerge victorious as soon as possible, and we are working to see that happen, we also need to think about the longer term – the rebuilding process, which will require multilateral efforts to mobilise, coordinate, and manage support. For its part, the Government of Lithuania is working on legal and organisational instruments that will enable us to contribute directly to concrete rebuilding projects in Ukraine already this year,” said Chancellor Balčytytė at the event.

The chancellor added that at the moment no one can say exactly how much and what kind of support Ukraine will need, so we need to remain flexible in responding to the changing situation.

In the short run, bilateral support from Ukraine’s partners can be quite effective in helping Ukrainians to restore critical infrastructure and to meet the essential needs of people staying in the country or returning to it, but multilateral partnerships, clear priorities, and a coordinated framework are what will be needed for Ukraine’s continued support, the chancellor said.

Lithuania stands ready to continue its active role and contribution in various assistance formats until Ukraine’s final victory, the chancellor added.

Rebuild Ukraine is an international conference initiated by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation to discuss support for Ukraine and the aftermath of the war launched by Russia, bringing together politicians, experts as well as representatives of NGOs and businesses.

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