"Such coalitions can and must work now on the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, on the creation of effective air defense, on the establishment of international security rules, on ensuring the viability of major cities and on other issues," Stefanchuk said on Monday, virtually addressing participants of the Kalinowski Forum in Vilnius.

"Let's work together to ensure that European countries and businesses have nothing to do with Russia as an aggressor country, and let's put an end to all business transactions, including gas and oil imports from Russia. This oil and this gas have, for several weeks now, had the smell of the blood of innocent Ukrainian children killed by the occupiers," he said.

The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada also urged the people of Belarus to stop being silent and speak up against the war.

"Everyday planes are flying from your territory, missiles are being fired, killing our children. The shock that Kyiv is experiencing, the cities and towns around Kyiv are experiencing, would not be possible without the contribution of the Republic of Belarus. It is from Belarus that the Russian invaders insidiously invaded the north of our country in the dark of the night," Stefanchuk said.

"Therefore, brothers and sisters of Belarus, do not be silent, make the Belarusian soldiers defend your freedom, this is your hour. It is the most important hour that will determine the relations between our peoples for generations to come. Sitting in silence will not do", he said.

The head of the Ukrainian parliament said he could not "imagine that it would be necessary to document the facts of the genocide of Ukrainians by the Putin regime".

"I urge you to build coalitions among parliaments and governments to defend your freedom and ours, to defend our common right to life", Stefanchuk said.

Lithuania's parliament is on Monday hosting an international forum to mobilize the democratic community for a more determined fight against the regimes of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.

The forum is named after Konstantinas Kalinauskas (also known as Vincent Kanstancin Kalinouski in Belarusian and Wincenty Konstanty Kalinowski in Polish), a leader of the national revival in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus and one of the commanders of the 1863-1864 uprising against Tsarist Russia.

Its participants will discuss what more the democratic community around the world should do to stop the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his aggression in Ukraine and the oppression of democracy and freedom in Belarus.

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