Sources told the website that the head of the Lithuanian Orthodox Archdiocese, Metropolitan Inokentiy, had dismissed Vitalijus Mockas, while the other two priests, Gintaras Jurgis Sungaila and Vitalis Dauparas, were not only dismissed but also suspended from any active ministry within the Church.

The priests themselves are yet to comment on the situation, and the website says it's trying to contact a representative of the Lithuanian Orthodox Archdiocese for comment.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mockus has repeatedly stated publicly, in his capacity as spokesman for the Archdiocese, that Lithuanian Orthodox condemn Russia's aggression and the country's leaders for the started war.

Dauparas was the first Lithuanian Orthodox to condemn the words of Patriarch Kirill, and he had already, on his own initiative, withdrawn from active participation within the Lithuanian diocese because of the "Russian world" the patriarch was promoting.

Sungaila, who has also actively condemned the Russian aggression and criticized the patriarch, has until recently served as vicar in Vilnius and is the ex-editor-in-chief of an Orthodox publication.

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