Up to 3,828 people are planned to be called up for their nine-month continuous compulsory initial military service. The same maximum number of draftees was set last year, but the actual number was lower at 3,554 people.

"Some conscripts have their service deferred, a number of conscripts are declared unfit due to health reasons, and unfortunately, some conscripts fail to show up at the designated units of the Conscription and Recruitment Service on the day of conscription," the military have told BNS.

The conscription lists will be randomly generated by a computer program in the presence of independent observers.

The process will also be observed by Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas and other officials, as well as members of the public.

The draftee lists will be published online at https://sauktiniai.karys.lt.

Young men whose names will not be on the lists and young women will be able to volunteer for enlistment.

The Lithuanian parliament reintroduced the mandatory nine-month initial military service in the spring of 2015 in light of the changed geopolitical situation and security threats.

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