Get to know yourself better

According to Zukauskaite, if you want a harmonious and sustainable relationship, you have to know your partner and yourself really well.

“It is worth getting to know yourself better, your desires, expectations, and needs. When we know for sure what we want, it is easier to convey this information to another. No inner conflict and contradictions. If you already know what you want, you can start thinking about how to tell the partner. It is a mistake to think that another person may have a better chance at overcoming your challenges or inner fears,” she said.

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Clear and nonviolent communication is also imperative in a relationship

“It is wrong to think that others should understand us immediately. The way we speak and express our thoughts is unique, so it is worth considering how to make our needs known unambiguously. The same information can be conveyed differently: vividly, emotionally, briefly, concisely. The tone and countenance are important,” the specialist added.

Honesty is the key to mutual emotional well-being

By nature, we tend to prioritize personal needs. Nevertheless, a relationship is not just about what we need, but also what your partner needs.

“It is very important to know the love language between you and your partner, their personality type, attachment type, how they resolve conflicts, how I resolve conflicts, what fears prevail regarding relations. This information may help communicate better,” Zukauskaite continued.

Ineta Žukauskaitė

An honest approach towards getting to know each other better often helps to overcome issues, bus sometimes couples simply avoid talking about it.

“Sometimes people are afraid to talk about these things because they do not want to open up – out of fear that the other person will have power over them. However, if the relationship is really sincere, it will definitely help or instantly show that our partner is a manipulator and that perhaps we should break up because there will be no emotional well-being and harmony,” Zukauskaite concluded.

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