On summer weekends, Vilnius will invite residents of the country to travel around the world. Communities of the capital, tour and event organizers, restaurants, hotels and artists have joined their efforts to create an exotic experience for Lithuanians, who cannot travel abroad, in their homeland. The project is also expected to help businesses that have lost tourist traffic to survive this holiday season.
Vilnius invites to visit: city will turn into different countries
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“The initiative of vacation in Vilnius is one of the measures of the 4 × 3 support plan which we drafted to help business, culture and tourism to recover. Creative solutions are now essential for the tourism business to survive under quarantine conditions. It is also important that people who miss travelling have a simple and convenient choice for a vacation, which will allow them to relax from the changed rhythm of life and create positive emotions. I invite you to Vilnius, where you will rediscover the joy of travel and yet unfamiliar cultures,” said the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius.

Every second summer weekend starting on June 5 Vilnius will turn into a different country. The culture of seven countries that are very popular with travellers, including Italy, India, the USA, France, Spain, Germany and Japan, will create the mood of an exotic holiday in the city. And the fact that those, who want to experience the atmosphere of these countries, will not have to fly and travel thousands of kilometres is a big advantage, thus being able to spend the time saved on traveling on fun entertainment and discovery.

“The pandemic, which brought a lot of challenges, was also uniting at the same time, and projects like this is a good evidence thereof. The idea to show Vilnius as a multicultural city and to create a holiday oasis for residents of the whole country instantly resonated in the city – many culture and business representatives joined the project.

Every weekend, guests of the city will be able to experience traditional food of one or another country, to listen to cosy concerts, to attend unusual exhibitions and performances, educational activities and entertainment for children, special guide tours, to buy exclusive products of those countries and to have many other experiences of a true holiday,” says Inga Romanovskienė, Head of the Vilnius tourism and business agency Go Vilnius.

According to her, the capital’s businesses have not only decided to create original services that reflect foreign countries, but will also provide them on extremely favourable terms – hotels and restaurants will offer exclusive discounts to guests on weekends. According to the organizers, this will be a great opportunity to try high-quality services, which usually are much more expensive.

Hotels will be not the only ones to offer discounts and promotions on vacation weekends: restaurants of the capital will also apply special lower prices, while Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, Kautra, BusTuras and Citybee having become partners of the city will offer cheaper trips to the capital; Unipark will provide cheap parking at the city centre for those, who arrive in their own cars.

Both the cultural programme and meals, also trips and accommodation will be organized in observance of all currently applicable security requirements.

Seven entertainment areas on the Italian weekend

The first weekend of the project will invite Lithuanians to experience Italian holiday in Vilnius. During the event, the city will not only host seven spaces presenting Italian culture, also bringing back the Street Music Day popular among Vilnius residents, which had to be postponed due to quarantine this spring. The performers will play in Vincas Kudirka Square.

“This is the first time in the history of Street Music Day when it could not take place in May. Therefore, we are very happy to bring at least a small part of the spirit of this celebration to Kudirka Square,” said Viktorija Mamontovaitė, the organizer of the Street Music Day.

Visitors will be able to get to know the Italian culture in Konstantinas Sirvydas Square: here Italian language lessons, lectures on Italian architecture, customs and traditions will be held, with Italian music performers presenting their works, Italian book readings and other educational activities for families.

The Venice Carnival will take place in Užupis. Lovers of the legendary Italian scooter Vespa will open the season in the Town Hall Square with a bang, and an exhibition of Italian cars Alfa Romeo will be held.

The Stiklo Kvartalas (Glass Block) will become the town of Queen Bonn: here, local shops and restaurants will create an atmosphere of Italian fashion and vacation, filled with traditional rhythms of this country. Those, who want to shop Italian style in fashion boutiques and stylish shops, will be invited to Pilies and Vokiečių streets.

There will also be plenty of dishes of Italy, which is famous for its food all over the world, in Vilnius – a special menu will be created by the community of restaurants and bars on Savičiaus street and in Užupis.

The organizers hope to welcome guests from all over the country in Vilnius on the very first weekend of the project, on June 5-7 – there will be plenty of activities for the whole three days. Representatives of other cultures are already actively preparing for upcoming weekends, with not only businesses, but also lovers and representatives of these countries in Lithuania contributing to the idea. The weekend starting on June 19 will be dedicated to Indian food and culture, and on July 3 – to the United States.

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