Plantarium welcomes those interested in domestic plants and their positive impact on health, as well as those who care about the future of our planet.
First plantarium to be open in Lithuania
© DELFI / Erikas Skardžius

Aistė Virketė has been taking care of abandoned, forgotten or merely tired plants for almost two years now. After spending months in a village in Kaunas region, the young woman has transferred all of the plants and activities into the city. Located in Urmas shopping town, the first Plantarium in Lithuania will be officially opened on January 19, visit.kaunas.lt writes.

200 sq m of space dedicated for Plantarium is, of course, first and foremost full of plants. But it’s not a wild jungle. Aistė has thought this through. As a professional photographer, she made sure the place is photogenic and can be used for meet-ups and conferences. Visitors can enjoy healthy drinks; there’s a plan to launch a fertiliser and plant care product line. Can one get some plants here? Of course. You can even exchange them.

The aim of the initiative, with the help of joint events and workshops, to create a community of eco-conscious individuals.

AIstė is a firm believer in the power of plants and nature. She’s a member of the Japanese Society for Forest Medicine and focuses her practice on the health benefits provided by plants. When she first started her plant shelter and launched the small socially responsible business, the news became viral in Lithuania – Aistė was even nominated among the Women of the Year in Kaunas. She can tell you all about the specific attributes of every plant she’s met!

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