Here’s a list of great locations that will provide an incredible view of the sky once the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve.
5 spots to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Kaunas
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This year, Kaunas has prepared a wide and diverse entertainment variety for New Year’s Eve. From parties with dances until dawn to cosy atmosphere with live music perfect for families, visit.kaunas.lt writes. However, to make the night of the December 31 genuinely memorable, you’ll also need a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. Here’s a list of great locations that will provide an incredible view of the sky once the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve.

Aleksotas Observation Deck

Aleksotas observation deck is popular with tourists and locals all year round. This is the spot where people come to take their wedding, engagement, graduation and other essential pictures and there‘s a good reason for that. From this observation deck, you get to see the most beautiful part of Kaunas – the river Nemunas and the lovely Old Town. Therefore with its breath-taking views, this spot is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Milikoniai Hill Observation Deck

There was no question that this observation deck located in Šilainiai also had to make the list. From Milikoniai hill, you get to see a stunning view of Vilijampolė, Žaliakalnis, and the Old Town. With the sight of hundreds of tiny colourful houses, this might be one of the most romantic spots in Kaunas. While popular during the whole day, Milikoniai hill observation deck gets most visitors in the evening during sunsets and when the city lights up in warm yellow light. This lovely view, paired with thousands of fireworks, will surely be a sight to behold.

The Owl Hill

The Owl hill is one of the most unique places in Kaunas. Firstly, it‘s one of the highest points in the city. Secondly, it was the cradle of art in Kaunas. Here in 1923, the first art school was opened. This brings us to the most distinctive feature of this hill – back in 1924, it was adorned with 108 sculptures of owls created by Vincas Grybas. About 60 of those sculptures you can still see today (you can read more about the hill here). So, if you like the sound of beautiful panoramic views of Kaunas city Centre, the Old Town, and Vilijampolė in the company of almost 100-years-old owls – The Owl hill should be the perfect New Year’s Eve spot for you.

The Town Hall Square

If you want to greet the new year in an energetic crowd, consider heading to the Town Hall Square. Here you will not only get to see some of the most incredible fireworks (there will be a special zone in the square dedicated just for that) bus also hear some of the biggest names of Lithuanian electronic/dance music scene in a concert “Cosmic New Year’s Eve”.

The Confluence Park (Santakos Parkas)

Probably the most popular picnic spot in the summer – the Confluence park, does not lose its charm in the winter season. The confluence point of the two biggest Lithuanian rivers Nemunas and Neris is usually called the birthplace of Kaunas. Thousands of romantic dates have taken place in the Confluence park. So, if you’re looking for an idyllic spot to watch the fireworks and celebrate New Year’s Eve with a loved one, consider the Confluence park. By the way, even though the park is located on the side of the Old Town, you could also try heading to the other side of Neris (Vilijampolė). From there you would get a view of the park itself, Kaunas castle, and a grandiose sight of the sky lit with fireworks.

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