In the face of fierce virus spread and massive self-isolation, everyone must remain positive. That's why Talia Shaban, Erudito Licejus International First Grade Teacher, decided to send a personal supporting message to all families.
Teacher from South Africa, currently living in Kaunas: whole world facing the same challenges, you are not alone
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That is what she would like to share.

Support from others around you

We are all in this together. As a world we are uniting and facing the same challenges, anxieties, fears and circumstances. No that you are not alone and open yourself to support from others around you.

See this time as a gift

It is an amazing opportunity to reconnect to your family, strengthen relationships and communication, bond, spend time together.

Take time for yourself

Do those things you've been putting off that will benefit your wellbeing. Meditate, exercise, read, lie in the sun, paint, draw, journal, engage in creativity, appreciate the small moments.

Do things together

Read with your children, spend time in your garden, cook together, work on home projects, make time for special family activities.

Entire academic future will not be compromised

Remember that in the great scheme of life a few weeks of not being able to meet all education outcomes will not compromise your child's entire academic future. Learning takes place all the time and simply being engaged with your children and family right now is the best way to achieve that.

Talia Shaban
Talia Shaban
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Choose calm and balance every day

If something is not working, your child is tired, you are tired, tensions are high then walk away and do something else. Do something fun that will lift your energy and bring some laughter. You can always finish school work at a later stage. It is more important to get through school activities when you are calm so your child is calm and receptive.

The importance of family

Maybe the biggest lesson that all children will learn during this time is the importance of family relationships, personal well-being and resilience. These are lessons that more invaluable than anything else and you can do that from your home without any apps, resources or formal teaching.

To support this, T. Shaban invites also teachers to be united and to focus on sending home activities that are more focused on family, fun, engaging and reflection. While learning will still be taking place, the wellbeing of the children and their families will be at the heart of her planning.

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