– Why did you come to Vilnius?

– I had heard about Vilnius and Lithuania from family and friends originally. One of my friends, in fact, had come to Mykolas Romeris University as an intern last year and enjoyed the experience. I was a Law student at Sakartvelo’s Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. I decided to take a break from studies and to complete a 2 1/2 month traineeship in Vilnius. I was working on a project, “Enhancing Proficiency of Insolvency Practitioners.” Personally, this is a great challenge to work on insolvency law issues because this is a new sphere of Law. It's developing day by day As I said, I came to Vilnius to intern because it was a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge and professional skills that I will be able to use in the future. My goal is not to spend time doing nothing. I don‘t want to waste time. So I am trying every year to learn something new.

– So you are spending lots of your time researching and studying here?

– Yes, MRU gave me the possibility to work in a professional environment - researching and using resources within the University and also to meet the professional lawyers that lecture here. That is a big motivation for a law student like me.

– What surprised you when you came to Vilnius?

– Vilnius overall is very green. I was surprised by how green it is everywhere on the University campus. The campus is surrounded by trees everywhere. The green places – the park – are all great places to relax and to spend time outdoors.

As I said, I was also driven by curiousity because a friend had been in Vilnius and encouraged me also to come and see Vilnius and Lithuania for myself. During my time here, I noticed also that food is cheaper in Lithuania than in Sakartvelo.

– You mentioned how green Vilnius is. But in your country, you have made great efforts yourself to plant trees?

– Yes, I made a project at my University, which cost about 6,000 Euros. The main goal was to plant trees in Batumi. So we planted 96 trees. All the University was involved in this. You know the saying, that every man has to build a house, have a family and plant a tree, before death.

– What did you know about Vilnius before coming?

– I had heard about Vilnius and Lithuania from family and friends. They were mentioning Vilnius as a nice place. One of my friends, in fact, had come to MRU as an intern last year and encouraged me to come here. I was a Law student at Sakartvelo‘s Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. I had some spare time and decided to take a break and come here to train in the Justice LAB. My friends mentioned that Vilnius is a beautiful city with lots of great opportunities for international students. I find that the city is open to students, especially those from abroad.

– What are your plans after graduation?

– I plan to complete my Bachelor‘s Degree in June. I want to continue my studies and pursue a Master‘s Degree. I will also take the Bar Exam, after completing law studies. I hope to one day become a judge in Sakartvelo. Since the age of 9, my dream is to become a judge. I have been slowly working towards achieving my goal. As I mentioned, I had completed an internship at a court in Batumi before coming to Vilnius. Being a judge not only gives you great power. It is also a way to change people‘s lives.

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