I met Alex when he decorated the wall of a building in the center of Ukmerge with a large street artwork. Several years have passed and Alex continues to work in Lithuania. He creates objects with paints, wood, builds gazebos and small structures, decorates rooms.
Art of Alexandru Cretu
Art of Alexandru Cretu
© Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

Let's get to know Alexandru better.

- Why did you decide to come to Lithuania?

- In 2016, after participating in a reality tv show “Survivor” , to stay away from TV Media life. I decided to switch off from all I was doing before and start travelling.

I discovered an opportunity to go volunteering in Lithuania for Sea scouts in Ukmerge, Skautu slenis. Without thinking too much and having no idea about the life here, I signed up for the project and in two weeks I arrived here.

The opportunity for new experiences and adventures around the scouts, motivate me to come and be part of it, sharing my experiences and skills in survival situations or help the organization to develop.
We build together eight Optimist sailing boats for the kids to learn sailing and participate in educational programs for scouts or non-scouts camps.

- Where do you live now?

- At the beginning I lived almost two years in Ukmerge, but after that I decided to move forward and develop my current business in Kaunas. With this change, Ukmerge for me still feels like a home town.

Art of Alexandru Cretu
Art of Alexandru Cretu
© Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

- What are you doing in Lithuania?

- Now I am living in Kaunas where I manage to open a small business of woodworking and other custom works, from decorations to thematic furniture and other ideas of products that people can imagine but cannot buy in shops. Some of my works can be seen on my facebook page.

- Do you often visit your native country?

- I do not visit Romania very often. I started a new life here, I need to keep up with the business and life here.

- Have you ever thought about returning to your home country?

- Leaving the country would happen only if I will stop working and close the business completely, or start to travel again. According to the situation in the world and my future projects, I am not considering going home.

- How are your relations with local residents?

- My relations with the locals... I can say they are very well. I am lucky to have many artists around me with whom I spend time or collaborate. I am still in contact with the Skautu slenis people and we are very good friends and help each other when we need.

Art of Alexandru Cretu
Art of Alexandru Cretu
© Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

- Do you know the Lithuanian language?

- Yes I do! Actually I know lots of Lithuanian words, even though for me it was a completely new language, I can understand quite a lot. But my level of speaking is basic.

- What language do you usually speak in Lithuania?

- Most of the time I speak English everywhere.

Whenever possible, I try to use the knowledge of Lithuanian that I have. I am still learning and trying to get better.

Art of Alexandru Cretu
Art of Alexandru Cretu
© Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

- What are your plans for the future?

- My future plans are more about improving life here. I plan to work and create a balance between my arts, nature and people. I don’t really like to make plans. I love to live in the moment and watch where life takes me.

Future can change very quickly anytime and so my mind. I don't cut off the opportunity to travel again one day.

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