“We plan comprehensive checks of grain transported from high-risk countries to Lithuania, including a test of grain origin. We are consulting with the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs because only the British have laboratories capable of carrying out tests of grain origin. The checks would take effect in the near future, having harmonised methodological requirements,” the ministry informed the news agency ELTA on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that on 21 February it received a letter from the minister of agriculture of Ukraine about Russia profiting from sales of Ukrainian grain from occupied territories to third countries. It was stated that one such potential route is through the Baltics, whose cargo handling companies and ports might be used for this.

Lithuania treats the information seriously, emphasising that Russia must not have any opportunity to use Lithuania’s infrastructure to profit from the sale of Ukrainian grain.

Earlier, a group of MPs from various political groups proposed banning the import of agricultural products and feed whose country of origin is Russia or Belarus. If this is approved, the ban would be in effect until 1 July 2025.

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