The names of patrons were given to shareholders of Fund of Vilnius universitetas - Alvydas Žabolis,‘Light Conversion’, ‘Ekspla’, Nerijus Numa and Darius Zubas.

Overall, these businessmen and companies allocated 1,5 million eur financial support to the fund.

‘By each giving 300 thousand eur support to the Fund of Vilnius University these patrons dedicated to the implementation of projects devoted to public welfare’, Vilnius municipality states in a press release.

The Fund of Vilnius University was established in 2016. It was the first endowment fund in Lithuania. It helps to gather patrons that are investing in the progress of higher education in the country.

All income from investments will be used for scholarships of the most talented students, internships of students, lecturers, scientists, foreign visits of the most gifted lecturers and salaries. Later, the money will be used to renew study programmes, scientific research and infrastructure.

According to the press release, since September this year, the Fund of Vilnius University will open new opportunities for having more foreign students and lecturers with international experience at Vilnius University. It is expected that these changes will help Vilnius university to be more competitive globally.

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