Big companies that have already presented their lists to the municipality need to inform their workers that they can register on and get the jab on the upcoming weekend already, Vilnius Municipality said in a statement.

It also says the decision was made taking into account the large available amount of vaccines and the still vacant weekend ship at the LITEXPO Exposition Center.

"Our LITEXPO vaccination center is ready to vaccinate up to 10,000 people a day. It will be fully operational on the upcoming weekend but there's a shortage of people willing to take the Vaxzevria vaccine. Therefore, we decided to expand the audience and offer this vaccine to workers of big companies, based on the Health Ministry's set vaccination group priorities," Lina Korizniene, director of administration at Vilnius City Municipality, was quoted as saying in the statement.

She underlined that there were no plans to offer another vaccine to workers of big companies any time soon.

Vilnius now has around 20,000 non-reserved Vaxzevria dozes it wants to use over the weekend. The employee lists submitted by big companies include around 65,000 people.