This week, the Lithuanian Airports’ operator has completed the installation of a new airport management system designed to enhance the passenger experience, increase operational efficiency, and modernize airport operations management. The system’s most visible element comes in the form of hundreds of flight information displays located at the airports. Whether passengers are looking for their check-in counter, boarding gate, or baggage belt – the information displayed arrives via this system.
Lietuvos oro uostai atnaujina operacijų valdymo sistemą
Lietuvos oro uostai atnaujina operacijų valdymo sistemą
© Martynas Jaugelavičius

The new system was developed and installed by SITA, the leading IT provider for the air transport industry, which provides solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft, and governments globally, with over 2500 customers, the Lithuanian Airports informs in a press release.

Installed at Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga airports, the new system will increase operational efficiency, by automatically processing flight updates received from standard aviation feeds. Until now, the three airports used three different operations management systems, and maintaining them was challenging and time-consuming.

The new system allows airport operators to make timely decisions and automatically allocate airport resources like check-in desks, boarding gates, and baggage claim belts. It enables a more planned, fluid, and automated approach to operations, freeing up airport teams to better handle any exceptions which require their personal attention.

Alongside SITA Airport Management, SITA Information Display System was also installed. Flight information will be displayed on screens throughout the airport terminals. Passengers who have traveled through the country’s airports in the past weeks could benefit from the vibrant new designs used for displaying real-time flight information.

The display designs ensure passengers can stay informed about the most important flight information and that they are informed at the right time during their journey. For departing passengers, it includes their boarding gate, departure time, and information about possible delays or cancellations. For arriving passengers information such as baggage claim number and transfer information are provided.

Crucially, flight information will not only be displayed to passengers but will be also shared with internal airport stakeholders. The system will enable the sharing of relevant data with the Lithuanian Police, ground handling agencies, Lithuania’s Air Traffic Control Agency “Oro Navigacija”, and others.

According to Dainius Čiuplys, Head of Operations and Infrastructure at Lithuanian Airports, being able to conveniently and accurately inform passengers is of key importance for any modern airport. The installation of the new system will do just that – improve passenger experience, help regulate traffic flows, and increase operational efficiency.

According to Mr. Čiuplys, the purpose of having the above-mentioned Information display system is not only to keep passengers informed – but it is also an important part – a symbol - of the complex new system that now orchestrates the airport operations.

“For us, interconnecting various systems under one roof, digitizing processes, and increasing operational effectiveness is of key importance. We operate more than 200 information screens at our three airports, all of which must be aligned by one common system. The system must ensure that the screens show relevant, correct information at the right locations at the airport, in real-time. We are confident that this new state-of-the-art system will help administer all airport operations with greater efficiency and accuracy,” said Mr Čiuplys.

The contract to install the new operations management system was signed with SITA back in 2019.

Sergio Colella, SITA President for Europe, said: “SITA’s Airport Management System not only allows for communicating timely flight and safety information to passengers, but it also helps Lithuanian Airports work closer with the airlines, government agencies, and ground handlers to achieve more efficient airport operations. Collaboration with key stakeholders is essential to improve planning, anticipate possible problems and enable fast responses in case of any disruption. This has a significant impact on the passenger journey, resulting in a more fluid and frictionless travel experience. We are pleased to have delivered new capabilities to each of these three airports and to continue assisting them in further operational improvements.”

With the launch of the new, more modern system, Vilnius Airport’s old information displays, installed in 2007, will be deactivated this week.

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