As pandemic situation in Lithuania continues to worsen and mainly because of public disagreements, news portal Delfi.lt decides temporally switching off comments under publications and video content on topics related to vaccination against coronavirus.
„Moderna“ vakcina nuo koronaviruso „Spikevax“
„Moderna“ vakcina nuo koronaviruso „Spikevax“
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After a few months, as all the necessary technological advances are implemented, Delfi.lt will get rid of anonymous comments for good – discussion in the comments section will be open only for registered users.

“We are all concerned as the pandemic situation in Lithuania is not improving. Each day we get frightening statistics on the growing number of infections, hospitalizations, deaths and overcrowded hospitals, news about affected businesses and many more COVID related problems. Despite this, as society more than ever needs to stay united, ungrounded conspiracy theories have flourished, there has been an increase in provocations and attempts to incite discord in the society. Facts speak for themselves: the most powerful weapon that could help fight back this health crisis is vaccine, but part of the society is frightened by unreliable and simply false information,” says CEO at Delfi Vytautas Benokraitis.

“While thinking how we could contribute to improving this situation, in addition to publishing only reliable information, we agreed upon turning off commenting under publications and other content, related to vaccines, so that comments section would not be a means for spreading disinformation,” explains Benokraitis.

In the near future, when all necessary technological preparatory work is completed, Delfi.lt will get rid of anonymous comments for good – only registered users will be able to engage in comments section discussions and express their opinion.

“For us it is of crucial importance that Delfi.lt would remain a forum for discussions, sharing one’s opinion, exchanging views, but all this must be done with respect for each other and taking responsibility for one’s words. With the help of various technological instruments, we will moderate high-quality discussions, strive to ensure freedom of speech, at the same time safeguarding its essence from distortions and preventing lies and attempts initiate public divide,” says CEO at Delfi.

Earlier this week, delfi.lt's Estonian version also switched off comments under all pandemic-related articles, including the ones by registered users.

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