Banners, specialized content products, and other traditional methods of advertising on websites have become a staple in the digital age, but in order to boost the most effective of advertising campaigns and maximise the ability to reach your target audience, unconventional methods or combinations of tools are also required. With this in mind, Delfi is now offering advertising services on the Google Ads platform and social media.
Google, Facebook
Google, Facebook
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“Each year, we see the ever-increasing digitalization of the world, and Lithuania is no exception to this trend. The coronavirus pandemic has only sped up the process. The majority of Lithuanian businesses have successfully switched to online services, sales, and other activities or are making the transition as we speak. Therefore, the demand for digital communication services and expert consultancy has skyrocketed. Having spent over 20 years in the digital advertising sector, we are taking reasonable steps to expand our services – advertising using Google Ads and social media is the latest addition,” says Jonas Gilys, Head of Commerce at Delfi.

The advertising volume of Google is constantly increasing in Lithuania and globally. The exact last year’s data is not yet available, but according to the statistics website statista.com, in 2019 the technology giant’s advertising revenue amounted to a staggering sum – USD 134.8 bn. This is almost six times more than a decade ago. The numbers clearly demonstrate the fact that companies and brands need to be noticed everywhere, and the battle for visibility is growing more and more intense.

“It is important for us to be able to offer as many solutions to customers as possible, so that they have all the required advertising services available in one location. Google Ads, GDN or YouTube advertising and other services have always been taken into account when providing solutions for customers, and now they are being implemented by experts of our own,” Gilys adds.

Jonas Gilys
Jonas Gilys
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Romuald Nareiko, a certified Google trainer and digital communication expert, stresses that by receiving digital marketing services from Delfi, from one provider, customers can harmonize Google Ads advertising campaigns with Delfi campaigns and content. “What is more, the Google advertising platform is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. This means that Delfi will be able to offer advertising solutions to each and every company, including local and international brands, and even communication beyond borders,” he says.

Nareiko has set up a separate Digital Communication team at Delfi which will be responsible for consulting as well as planning and launching Google and various social media advertising campaigns. Nareiko has over 14 years of experience working with the Google advertising platform, Google Analytics, and other digital marketing tools. Also, he co-founded the digital marketing training centre, Digital Academy, and is a lecturer there.

Romuald Nareiko
Romuald Nareiko
© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

“Nareiko has worked with small businesses and huge companies alike and with local and foreign markets. He has consulted hundreds of various enterprises and organizations: from libraries to cryptocurrency startups. We hope that his experience and expertise will prove to be very useful to our partners and customers,” Gilys explains.

Delfi also owns the largest online advertising network in the Baltic states, Adnet Media. The network offers a combination of the most-visited and most popular websites that can promote services or products. In Lithuania, Adnet Media reaches about 90% of actual internet users, browsing on both computers and mobile phones.

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