Visegrád Group

Foreign minister to take part in Baltic, Nordic and Visegrad Group meeting in Poland
2017 m. gegužės 30 d. 11:05
Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius on Tuesday is taking part in a meeting of foreign ministers of the Baltic , Nordic and Visegrad Group countries in Poland .
French-Lithuanian relationship: strategic partnership, overshadowed by „Veolia“
2017 m. balandžio 25 d. 15:15
Lithuanian-French relationship is officially called a strategic partnership, close cultural cooperation is in place but economic relations and defence relations are...
Lithuania again readying for joint acquisitions of medicine with foreign countries
2017 m. kovo 3 d. 09:38
Lithuania's Health Care Minister Aurelijus Veryga is attending an informal meeting of...
Why relations between Lithuania and Latvia aren’t all that fraternal  (1)
2016 m. spalio 12 d. 11:47
Lithuania and Latvia have much in common on a strategic level. Yet relations between the...
Lithuania shouldn’t turn its back on Visegrad states
2016 m. rugsėjo 12 d. 11:39
Passive stance that the European Union has taken toward Brexit is bringing it ever closer to other similar crises, political philosopher Alvydas Jokubaitis told...
The cold friendship between Lithuania and Poland
2016 m. rugpjūčio 18 d. 07:40
Posters on bus stops across Vilnius remind us that, this autumn, we are celebrating the 25th...
Visegrad 4 countries commit to sending troops to Baltic States
2016 m. gegužės 2 d. 11:47
The Visegrad Group, which contains Poland , Hungary , the Czech Republic and Slovakia ,...
Interior minister: Lithuania ready to resume border controls if need be  (2)
2015 m. rugsėjo 15 d. 10:34
In case of a refugee influx, Lithuania would be ready to resume temporary border controls,...
Lithuania's Grybauskaitė: Solidarity in refugee crisis can't be 'coercive mechanism'  (5)
2015 m. rugsėjo 10 d. 14:56
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that the country agrees with Brussels' recommendation on distribution of refugees , saying that future solidarity in...
V4 divergences: symptom of a deeper crisis in Europe?
2014 m. gruodžio 13 d. 13:23
The spread of the Ukrainian crisis has aroused strong reactions of the USA and the European Union against Russian interference in Ukrainian politics. Russia is a...
Visegrad differences will always exist, but V4 is much stronger than critics make out
2014 m. rugsėjo 27 d. 13:56
An interview with Andras Racz, a Senior Research Fellow at the Hungarian Institute of...