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Regardless of being neighbors with Belarus, Lithuania can't ignore problems - Linkevičius
2017 m. birželio 7 d. 10:15
Lithuania values the economic partnership with Belarus , however, cannot ignore the problems the country is faced with, says Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius .
Zapad 2017 exercise clear preparation for war with West - Grybauskaitė
2017 m. vasario 10 d. 10:25
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that the Zapad 2017 exercise planned by...
Security chief sees Zapad exercise as main 2017 challenge for Lithuania
2017 m. vasario 9 d. 14:45
Zapad 2017 military training to be held in Belarus and Russia this year will be the main challenge to Lithuania's national security , says Darius Jauniškis ,...
Lithuania does all it can to help Ukraine - PM Skvernelis
2017 m. vasario 7 d. 10:44
Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis says that Lithuania is providing all forms of assistance to Ukraine and will continue to support the country.
Lithuania appointing new defence attache to Russia
2017 m. vasario 3 d. 11:10
Lieutenant Colonel Petras Montvila should be appointed as Lithuania's next defence attache...
Lithuania concerned over Russia's decision to grant asylum to Snoras' ex-chairman
2017 m. sausio 31 d. 10:27
The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry is concerned over Russia 's decision to grant political...
V. Laučius – how to be friends with Russia
2017 m. sausio 17 d. 13:23
The comrades of the Seimas Speaker who advertised himself with the Russian ambassador...
Kirkilas – Russia wants neither Trump, nor Clinton – it wants a weak America
2017 m. sausio 13 d. 20:07
The coming 45th President of the United States of America Donald Trump could be the first...
New nationalism and the Baltic States  (3)
2016 m. gruodžio 13 d. 11:19
Leading world’s news channels, newspapers and political commentators ring the alarm of the re-emergence of chauvinistic nationalist politics at the thresholds of...
Two signals from Donald Trump to the Baltics that Russia won’t like
2016 m. gruodžio 8 d. 14:49
After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States there were numerous concerns that the new master of the White House will be inclined toward pro-...
ForMin contests Russian argumentation over Georgian officer busted in Vilnius
2016 m. gruodžio 7 d. 11:33
Lithuania's Foreign Ministry has provided info to the country's law-enforcement, contesting...
ForMin thinks that elections gave fresh view of ties with Poland  (1)
2016 m. gruodžio 7 d. 11:22
After the parliamentary elections Lithuania and Poland may take a fresh look on the...
Lithuanian Railway chief views resignation as best decision in life
2016 m. gruodžio 5 d. 13:10
Stasys Dailydka who resigned from the post of CEO of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways, or LG) last week says it was the best decision he had made in life.
Lithuania to step up defence ties with US
2016 m. gruodžio 2 d. 13:36
Lithuania is set to step up defence ties with the United States by signing the first bilateral cooperation agreement.
Russian citizen busted with gun brought from Kaliningrad
2016 m. lapkričio 30 d. 12:25
Lithuanian customs authorities on Wednesday said they busted a Russian citizen who had...
EC envoy: Populists, Russia, ISIS group aims to destroy Europe
2016 m. lapkričio 29 d. 22:01
The European Union (EU) is currently faced with pressure from populists, Russia and the...
The trap of travesty: Shoah as a show-subject
2016 m. lapkričio 29 d. 11:22
I thought initially that if one would have a nerve to watch the sick entertaining video from...
Putin‘s Russia: As Income drops leaders’ popularity grows
2016 m. lapkričio 28 d. 11:42
It‘s a country where the average annual salary has dropped by almost a tenth and is now on not much more than 400 euro (compared with Lithuania where it just passed...
Eurasian Economic Union - reality or fiction?  (1)
2016 m. lapkričio 25 d. 12:18
Operating since 2015, the Eurasian Economic Union formed (EEU) over a relatively short period of time, and passed through all three stages of integration - from the...
Ukraine is ready for all scenarios, including massive military action
2016 m. lapkričio 23 d. 17:52
Ukraine is ready not only for the so-called Crimea n corridor scenario, but also for much...
President Grybauskaitė: US should stay leader in security architecture  (2)
2016 m. lapkričio 21 d. 11:26
The United States have always been the guarantee of democracy, peace and freedom,...
Apathy of Russian society: can the youth change it?
2016 m. lapkričio 18 d. 14:16
The results of the elections to the Russia n Duma , which took place on 18th September,...