Lithuanian World Community

Seimas hosts LGBT+ portraits for IDAHOT
2017 m. gegužės 18 d. 09:37
IDAHOT (International Day of Homophobia and Transphobia), celebrated around the world on May 17, was also commemorated by the most prestigious Lithuanian...
What do emigrants think about dual citizenship?
2017 m. balandžio 26 d. 11:27
ForMin wants fewer requirements for referendum on dual citizenship
2017 m. balandžio 24 d. 10:59
Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has proposed considering fewer...
Expats propose way of preserving Lithuanian citizenship acquired by birth
2017 m. kovo 8 d. 11:27
Lithuanian expat communities suggest solving the dilemma of dual citizenship by allowing...
Dual citizenship only possible by changing Constitution - Constitutional Court
2017 m. sausio 26 d. 16:13
Dual citizenship can only be allowed by way of changing the Constitution , says Dainius Žalimas , chairman of the Lithuanian Constitutional Court , adding that...
Lithuania to seek ways of keeping citizenship, not allowing dual passports - Seimas speaker  (3)
2017 m. sausio 23 d. 13:44
Lithuania's parliament will seek ways of allowing citizens living abroad to preserve their Lithuanian citizenship without referendum, says Parliamentary Speaker...
Dual citizenship, tax incentives would encourage emigrants to return to Lithuania
2016 m. gruodžio 16 d. 10:48
Many emigrants hope to return to Lithuania and dual citizenship and tax-incentives for...
Join commission of Seimas, Lithuanian expats to continue work
2016 m. lapkričio 22 d. 10:45
A joint commission between the Seimas and the Lithuanian World Community (LWC) will...
Lithuanian expatriate community could play a significant role in Seimas elections
2016 m. rugsėjo 13 d. 12:06
The Lithuanian World Community (PLB) has stressed that the votes (or lack of) of the many...
President to meet with world Lithuanian community leaders
2016 m. liepos 13 d. 09:05
President Dalia Grybauskaitė and the board members of the Lithuanian World Community (LWC) will discuss questions regarding the preservation of Lithuanian identity...
Lithuania needs programme to bring expatriates home - Seimas speaker
2016 m. gegužės 17 d. 17:36
Lithuania must develop a programme to encourage expatriates to return home, Parliament Speaker Loreta Graužinienė believes.
Ethics watchdog asked to look into racist statement by Lithuanian MP  (3)
2015 m. lapkričio 11 d. 12:13
Social Democratic MP Juras Požela has asked the Seimas Commission on Ethics and Procedures...
Seimas speaker thinks e-voting should first be introduced for expatriate voters  (1)
2015 m. lapkričio 11 d. 11:36
During her meeting on Tuesday with representatives of the Lithuanian World Community ,...
Kęstutis Eidukonis: A call to action  (3)
2015 m. spalio 26 d. 13:44
A long time has passed since the creation of the Lithuanian World Community (PLB, Pasaulio...
Plaque opened marking 26th anniversary of the legendary Gotland Communiqué
2015 m. rugpjūčio 26 d. 11:34
On August 21 in the manor house of Katthamragarden, in Katthammarsvik on the island of Gotland (Sweden), the 26th anniversary of the historic meeting which prompted...
Expatriate communities support Lithuanian Card but seek dual citizenship
2015 m. rugpjūčio 5 d. 09:51
Lithuanians living abroad support the proposal to introduce the Lithuanian Card, aimed at strengthening ties between expatriates and their home country, but still see...
Lithuanian diaspora leader: We agree to referendum on citizenship on 3 conditions
2015 m. liepos 27 d. 11:50
Dalia Henke, the new leader of the Lithuanian World Community (PLB), says that expatriate...
New leader of Lithuanian World Community cautions against hasty referendum on dual citizenship  (1)
2015 m. liepos 17 d. 16:25
Dalia Henke from Germany, who has been elected the new board chairman of the Lithuanian...
Lithuanian World Community to convene in Vilnius
2015 m. liepos 14 d. 15:07
The 15th Seimas of the Lithuanian World Community will convene in Vilnius on 15-17 July.
Commission of Lithuanian expatriates urges parliament to reject dual citizenship referendum
2015 m. birželio 9 d. 11:55
Last week, the Commission of the Seimas and the Lithuanian World Community held sittings and adopted a resolution urging the Seimas, parliament, not to approve a...
Lithuanian expatriates don't think dual citizenship referendum would be successful
2015 m. balandžio 24 d. 09:53
Lithuanian communities abroad view the parliament's initiative to hold a referendum on dual citizenship in 2016 as "politicizing", saying the odds are low for the...
Opinion: New Seimas emigration committee is a slap on the face of Lithuanian diaspora
2015 m. sausio 21 d. 09:11
A few months ago, the Lithuanian Parliament ( Seimas ) began a debate on forming a new...
Lithuanian expats don't support dual citizenship referendum bid  (1)
2014 m. lapkričio 14 d. 09:26
A referendum on dual citizenship would be a "hopeless event", says leader of the...
Lithuania must get ready for dual citizenship referendum, parliament speaker says
2014 m. lapkričio 12 d. 07:14
Lithuania has to prepare for holding a referendum on dual citizenship , there is no other...
Lithuanian expatriates want decisions on dual citizenship and e-voting  (1)
2014 m. liepos 9 d. 14:46
Representatives of the World Lithuanian Community would like to see authorities making decisions on the legalization of dual citizenship and e-voting and would also...
Lithuanian World Community leaders gather in Klaipėda
2014 m. liepos 7 d. 14:18
Regional leaders of the Lithuanian World Community are gathering for a meeting in the Lithuanian western port of Klaipėda on Monday.