Lithuanian Gay League

Rainbow Bus: protest held next to the Russian Embassy
2017 m. gegužės 16 d. 14:15
On 13th May, 2017 in order to draw the attention to the persecution and serious human rights violations against LGBT people in Chechnya (Russian Federation), the...
HealthMin to take steps to ensure hormone therapy for transgender people  (1)
2017 m. balandžio 27 d. 15:16
The Lithuanian Health Ministry plans to take steps to ensure that transgender people have access to proper hormone replacement therapy and psychological counseling.
Conservative leader comes out in support of gay partnership  (1)
2016 m. rugsėjo 9 d. 08:44
Winds of tolerance and human rights appear to be blowing in the run up to the Seimas...
Pride march in Vilnius draws record numbers
2016 m. birželio 20 d. 16:49
Around 2,000 people joined the pride march For Equality on the Gediminas' Avenue in Vilnius...
Pride march in Vilnius draws record numbers  (1)
2016 m. birželio 20 d. 08:13
Around 2,000 people joined the pride march For Equality on the Gediminas avenue in Vilnius...
Baltic Pride event kickoff not without protests
2016 m. birželio 17 d. 08:38
A small group protested outside the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius which hosted a Baltic Pride event on Thursday. To read this article, try a €5.99 monthly...
Baltic Pride 2016 festival kicks off in Vilnius
2016 m. birželio 16 d. 08:44
The Baltic Pride LGBT festival kicked off on Wednesday and will culminate in a pride parade in Vilnius . To read this article, try a €5.99 monthly...
Orlando shooting bares the face of homophobia in Lithuania  (2)
2016 m. birželio 15 d. 07:42
An attack in a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, shocked the world just one week before an LGBT...
Pride march in Vilnius aimed at raising LGBT visibility and tolerance
2016 m. birželio 10 d. 14:32
Baltic Pride festival and march to be held in the centre of Vilnius next week is aimed at...
Gay spouses continue to fight Lithuanian migration authorities
2016 m. birželio 7 d. 13:12
A married gay couple continues to fight Lithuanian migration authorities that refuse to grant one of the male spouses residency permit.
Lithuanian society 'more accepting of LGBT people', but institutional progress stalls
2016 m. gegužės 20 d. 09:42
Tomas Raskevičius, an LGBT policy coordinator at the Lithuanian Gay League , spoke about...
Non-obstruction is Vilnius Municipality's way of supporting Baltic Pride 2016
2016 m. balandžio 26 d. 11:23
The Lithuanian Gay League says that it is “very happy” with the support it has...
Lithuania’s star swimmer’s father stuns Gay League with letter  (1)
2016 m. balandžio 6 d. 09:31
The Lithuanian Gay League invited swimmer Rūta Meilutytė to march in the Baltic Pride...
Baltic Pride in Vilnius bringing LGBT rights into focus before elections
2016 m. balandžio 5 d. 09:33
The Baltic Pride is returning to Vilnius this June. The third LGBT pride event in the Lithuanian capital is for the first time taking place without express opposition...
Social media campaign raises funds for homeless LGBT couple
2016 m. vasario 11 d. 11:28
A social media campaign by young Lithuanian filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas raised €900 to help two young gay men who had been kicked out of their homes in Panevėžys...
Lithuanian LGBT community secures permit for pride march in Vilnius  (1)
2015 m. spalio 21 d. 16:31
The Lithuanian Gay League (LGL), an LGBT rights organization, has announced that Baltic...
Polish organizations in Lithuania under criticism for homophobic T-shirts  (1)
2015 m. liepos 23 d. 17:02
LGBT groups on Thursday expressed regret over the choice of Polish organizations in...
Brussels to hear complaint on restricted broadcast of LGBT video in Lithuania
2015 m. liepos 20 d. 11:01
The European Commission (EU) plans to look into the complaint filed by the Lithuanian Gay...
Lithuanian LGBT* activists ride down streets of Vilnius on Rainbow bus
2015 m. gegužės 18 d. 14:30
At noon on Sunday, the Lithuanian Gay League , LGBT* rights organization, took a ride on a rainbow bus down the streets of central Vilnius.
Lithuanian LGBT community to celebrate IDAHOT and Rainbow Days
2015 m. gegužės 11 d. 08:43
From the 14th to the 20th of May, the National LGBT* Organization LGL is ready to lead off the dance for Rainbow Days and IDAHOT 2015 and proud to offer a wide agenda...
National Equality and Diversity Awards recognize equal opportunity advocates in Lithuania  (1)
2015 m. balandžio 30 d. 11:25
In a gala ceremony on Tuesday night, national awards were handed out to individuals,...
Discussion on same-sex partnership will no longer be taboo – Simonko
2015 m. kovo 25 d. 12:10
Vladimiras Simonko , the leader of the Lithuanian Gay League , on Tuesday welcomed the...
Lithuanian NGOs and Swedish Embassy cooperate to organize IDAHOT events
2015 m. vasario 3 d. 10:25
On 30 January 2015, the National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL and the Swedish Embassy in...
Lithuanian MP voices threat against LGBT* rights organization
2015 m. sausio 20 d. 10:29
Member of the Lithuanian Parliament Algirdas Vaclovas Patackas has publicly warned the leader of LGL , a Lithuanian LGBT* rights NGO, that the organization is...
Lithuanian LGBT activists think obsolete 10-litas bill could make for suggestive souvenirs
2015 m. sausio 2 d. 14:00
The Lithuanian Gay League , an LGBT rights NGO, has had an idea to keep some of the 10-litas notes and make them into souvenirs for their partners.
Lithuania court decides not to hear case on LGBT video ban
2014 m. gruodžio 19 d. 13:46
Lithuania's Supreme Administrative Court found no legal grounds for court hearing of the...
Lithuanian psychologists say censoring information on LGBT issues does harm to minors  (1)
2014 m. lapkričio 25 d. 15:15
The Union of Lithuanian Psychologists has issued a statement, criticizing a ban on airing a...
Lithuanian LGBT organization lodges Brussels appeal claiming freedom of speech restrictions
2014 m. spalio 30 d. 08:40
The Lithuanian Gay League said on Wednesday it had turned to the European Commission...