Lithuania commemorates Jewish genocide victims
2016 m. rugsėjo 23 d. 10:00
Lithuania is commemorating Jewish Genocide Memorial Day today, on September 23.
Litvaks again applying for Lithuanian passports after legal amendment
2016 m. rugsėjo 21 d. 12:09
After an amendment to the Citizenship Law took effect in Lithuania in July, Litvaks , i.e. Jews of Lithuanian origin, living in Israel and the Republic of South...
Week of Jewish Commemoration at New Šančiai Synagogue in Kaunas
2016 m. rugsėjo 19 d. 13:45
Kaunas —Saturday marked the opening of a weeklong public program at the New Šančiai...
The day Lithuania became a culture of we
2016 m. rugsėjo 8 d. 07:00
Nearly three thousand participants walked this day to pay tribute to the over 2,000 Jewish...
Zarasai marks European days of Jewish culture
2016 m. rugsėjo 7 d. 08:59
The town of Zarasai, nestled in the picturesque north-east of the country amongst sparkling...
The stones of Molėtai: Shoah lesson in Lithuania  (1)
2016 m. rugsėjo 2 d. 16:03
August 29th, 2016, has become truly important day for Lithuanian people, for Israel , and for all of us who does not know the past term for Holocaust . On that day,...
16 towns across Lithuania hold European Days of Jewish Culture
2016 m. rugsėjo 2 d. 09:07
European Days of Jewish Culture are starting in Lithuania on Friday, providing an opportunity to discover the Jewish heritage in events scheduled in 16 towns and...
75th anniversary of massacre of Jews in Šeduva, Lithuania
2016 m. rugsėjo 1 d. 08:26
Lithuania's Prime Minister joined dozens of people marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of...
Lithuanians 'more open' about Holocaust - President Grybauskaitė
2016 m. rugpjūčio 29 d. 17:10
Lithuanians are starting to face the Holocaust more openly, which facilitates friendlier...
Molėtai holding Holocaust memorial march
2016 m. rugpjūčio 29 d. 09:47
A memorial march is held in Molėtai, eastern Lithuania, on Monday to honour victims of the...
Holocaust commemoration events 'should have more Lithuanian participation'
2016 m. rugpjūčio 25 d. 12:12
The Jewish community expects that more Lithuanians will come to attend Holocaust memorial events.
Sergey Kanovich: On protecting anti-Semites
2016 m. rugpjūčio 2 d. 10:10
Recently, members of the Vilnius City Street, Monument and Plaque Names Commission considered several different issues .
14-year-old chronicler of the Vilna Ghetto  (1)
2016 m. liepos 29 d. 07:44
More than seven decades ago, long queues of people would line outside the house number 4 on...
Lithuania to be first Baltic state with 'stumbling stone' Holocaust memorials
2016 m. liepos 12 d. 15:30
Brass bricks known as "stumbling stones" will be embedded in the sidewalks of four...
Archaeologists discover tunnel used by Jews to escape Nazis in Lithuania
2016 m. birželio 29 d. 14:32
An international team of archaeologists has located a tunnel in Lithuania used by Jewish...
Litvaks will be able to gain Lithuanian citizenship with new Seimas amendment
2016 m. birželio 23 d. 13:27
The Lithuanian parliament ( Seimas ) on Thursday passed amendments to the Law on Citizenship, which will enable Litvaks, i.e. Jews of Lithuanian origin, and their...
The Great Synagogue of Vilna, once the Vatican of Europe's Jews  (1)
2016 m. birželio 23 d. 08:29
The Great Synagogue of Vilna was once to Jewish culture and religion what the Vatican is to Christendom, say archaeologists from the United States and Israel who are...
International team of scientists to investigate buried remains of Vilnius synagogue
2016 m. birželio 21 d. 17:08
A team of experts from the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and Lithuania is starting to study...
New Rokiškis award to honour Litvak war hero
2016 m. birželio 20 d. 14:23
The Rokiškis Regional Museum and the US-based non-profit organization Remembering Litvaks...
Seimas drafts amendments on restoring Lithuanian citizenship to Litvaks
2016 m. birželio 17 d. 15:25
Lithuanian MPs have submitted a bill on reinstating citizenship for Jews who left...
'Jewish deportees forgotten or ignored' - Jewish community leader
2016 m. birželio 14 d. 14:22
Lithuanian society considers deportation a tragedy of the Lithuanian nation even though a few thousand Jews were also deported, Faina Kukliansky , the leader of the...
Lithuanians who guarded Jewish massacre sites are guilty too - Lithuanian historian
2016 m. birželio 6 d. 14:46
Those who pulled the trigger during the Jewish genocide in Lithuania are not the only ones who should be considered guilty – those who transported Jews and guarded...
Chronicle of pre-war Litvak life: Vilnius Jewish archive made available online
2016 m. gegužės 30 d. 10:14
Lithuanian specialists have digitized more than 80,000 pages of documents from a pre-war...
'People thought Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler weren't real refugees either'
2016 m. gegužės 25 d. 08:07
The latest wave of refugees and migrants to Europe has barely touched Lithuania, and only...
Pope vs. Hitler director Chris Cassel: ‘This is where real history happened’
2016 m. gegužės 21 d. 07:00
Emmy-nominated director Chris Cassel first shot in Lithuania nine years ago. Now the...
Lithuanian MPs want to amend citizenship law amid Litvak complaints
2016 m. gegužės 12 d. 09:16
As the Migration Department and courts have been rejecting citizenship applications from Jews of Lithuanian origin, lawmakers are determined to amend the Law on...
Families of French Jews killed in Lithuania pay tribute in Kaunas
2016 m. gegužės 11 d. 11:18
Families of Jewish nationals who were brought to Lithuania from France in the years of the Holocaust honored the memory of the victims at the Kaunas Ninth Fort...
The Pope Versus Hitler: 'Docudrama' on controversial WWII pope being filmed in Vilnius
2016 m. gegužės 10 d. 13:19
Pope Pius XII has long been called Hitler's Pope for his failure to openly denounce Hitler...
Lithuanian parliamentary committees to investigate refusal of citizenship to Litvaks
2016 m. gegužės 9 d. 08:37
Amid complaints from Lithuanian Jewish Community representatives and Litvaks living in...
Lithuanian officials 'need history lessons', says Jewish community leader
2016 m. gegužės 6 d. 10:30
The Lithuanian Jewish community criticized Lithuania's migration officials for refusing...