Baltic States

NATO jets intercept group of 16 Russian aircraft above Baltic Sea
2017 m. birželio 27 d. 09:20
NATO fighter jets serving in the Alliance's air policing mission in the Baltic countries last Wednesday were scrambled to intercept a group of 16 Russian military...
Seimas urges Estonia, Latvia, Poland to boycott Astravyets electricity
2017 m. birželio 23 d. 17:03
Lithuania's parliament has urged Estonia, Latvia and Poland to bar electricity from unsafe nuclear utilities.
Lithuanian president bestows state award upon German chancellor
2017 m. birželio 23 d. 16:57
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė awarded Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel the...
Hyperloop One representatives: Lithuania might be part of the project
2017 m. birželio 23 d. 09:53
In Los Angeles, Minister of Economy Mindaugas Sinkevičius visited one of the most...
Minister of Defence notes increased military activity in Baltic Sea region
2017 m. birželio 23 d. 09:53
Military activity in the Baltic Sea region has recently heightened, however, the situation...
LPK President Dargis: Lithuania is not immune from the winds of change
2017 m. birželio 21 d. 13:53
Lithuania is not immune from the winds of change and the draughts of populism that are blowing across Europe, says Robertas Dargis, a prominent entrepreneur and the...
Vilnius cheaper for foreigners than Riga, Tallinn but more expensive than Warsaw
2017 m. birželio 21 d. 10:24
Vilnius is the cheapest capital among the Baltic states for foreigners, shows the annual survey conducted by the Mercer consulting company.
Observed by NATO chief, troops learn crossing river in Lithuania
2017 m. birželio 20 d. 17:04
NATO troops drilled their skills of crossing a water obstacle, bringing their military...
NATO chief, President Grybauskaite to observe Iron Wolf exercise
2017 m. birželio 20 d. 09:13
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President Dalia Grybauskaite on Tuesday are...
NATO troops train to defend Suwalki corridor between Lithuania, Kaliningrad
2017 m. birželio 19 d. 16:32
NATO troops taking part in an international exercise in the Baltic states conducted an...
Ukraine considers joining Rail Baltica gauge - minister in Vilnius
2017 m. birželio 16 d. 15:43
Ukraine is considering the possibility of joining the Baltic European-gauged Rail Baltica railway in the future, Ukraine's Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr...
Slovenia's president astonished in Vilnius by scope of concerns over Russia
2017 m. birželio 12 d. 14:02
Slovenia's President Borut Pahor said in Lithuania on Monday he was astonished about the...
Lithuania backs Brussels initiative on defense fund
2017 m. birželio 12 d. 10:32
Lithuania's government supports the European Commission (EC) initiative to set up a...
Multinational exercise Iron Wolf 2017 to kick off in Lithuania
2017 m. birželio 12 d. 09:09
Iron Wolf 2017, this year's largest multinational military exercise in Lithuania , will be formally opened concurrently in the Lithuanian Armed Forces' two military...
Baltic PMs say their countries ready, feel safe ahead of Zapad war games
2017 m. birželio 9 d. 16:07
The Baltic prime ministers say that their countries are ready for Zapad , a major military exercise to be held jointly by Russia and Belarus in September, and...
Baltic states could have 2 LNG terminals - Lithuanian PM
2017 m. birželio 9 d. 15:01
Two terminals could operate on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea controlled by the three...
Russian ambassador: Lithuania owes Russia 72 billion US dollars  (1)
2017 m. birželio 9 d. 11:12
After another May passed placing a flower crown placed near the monument commemorating those...
Baltic PMs visiting Lithuania's LNG terminal in Klaipėda
2017 m. birželio 9 d. 09:48
The prime ministers of the three Baltic states are visiting the liquefied natural gas...
Regardless of being neighbors with Belarus, Lithuania can't ignore problems - Linkevičius
2017 m. birželio 7 d. 10:15
Lithuania values the economic partnership with Belarus , however, cannot ignore the problems the country is faced with, says Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius .
Labour Code won't solve problem of work flexibility - experts
2017 m. birželio 6 d. 16:46
After Lithuania's parliament on Tuesday improved the new Labour Code to take effect in...
35th Annual BAFL – Baltic American Freedom League’s Banquet
2017 m. birželio 2 d. 15:17
The 35th annual BAFL- Baltic American Freedom League ’s awards banquet took place on...
Lithuanian experts split over consequences of alcohol restrictions
2017 m. birželio 2 d. 09:31
After Lithuania's parliament tightened alcohol trade, consumption and advertisement rules on Thursday, manufacturers have warned about emigration of the population...
President discusses security situation with US Congress delegation
2017 m. gegužės 31 d. 15:27
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with members of the United States Congress delegation on Wednesday, discussing the security situation.
President to travel to Estonia for state visit
2017 m. gegužės 31 d. 10:11
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė is scheduled to pay a state visit to Estonia...
EP member: Baltic states should be strong on Rail Baltica project
2017 m. gegužės 29 d. 12:24
Amid the increasingly heated discussions in the Baltic states about the financing of the...
Foreign Minister Linkevicius: NATO success depends on adapting to new challenges, collective defense
2017 m. gegužės 29 d. 10:18
NATO should continue to be able to adapt to new challenges and focus on the key task of...