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Lithuanian basketball team to be headed by Gudelis, may be renamed Rytas
2017 m. birželio 22 d. 10:36
Lietuvos Rytas , a top Lithuanian professional basketball club, may be renamed Rytas in the future, Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius said after a meeting of the...
MEP and poker star Tony G buys BC Lietuvos rytas to save its dignity after racist scandal
2017 m. birželio 21 d. 13:37
European Parliament member, former world famous poker star and philanthropist Antanas Guoga , mostly known by the nickname Tony G, bought the major share of the...
MEP Guoga on why party democracy is overhauled
2017 m. gegužės 22 d. 15:27
Representative democracy lives from its representatives. Ideally, wise and responsibly...
MEP Guoga is included in list of Top 200 Philanthropists in the world
2017 m. kovo 31 d. 14:45
MEP Antanas Guoga is the only member of the European Parliament and Lithuanian to be...
MEP Guoga blacklisted by Russia
2017 m. kovo 24 d. 09:16
Antanas Guoga , Lithuanian member of the European Parliament, has been included into the...
New ratings – concerning trends
2017 m. sausio 9 d. 15:36
MEP Guoga shifts to right-wing political group
2016 m. spalio 5 d. 10:48
MEP Antanas Guoga , former member of the Lithuanian Liberal Movemen t, has transferred to...
ELECTIONS. Liberal Movement in brief
2016 m. spalio 5 d. 09:59
Antanas Guoga on the future of Lithuanian politics
2016 m. rugsėjo 15 d. 09:46
Former acting Chairman for the Liberal Movement Antanas Guoga has shared his predictions on the possible outcomes of the imminent Seimas elections and his future...
Lithuanian MEP pokes fun at pro-Brexit leaders with mock application to Ukip
2016 m. liepos 8 d. 09:57
Lithuanian MEP and professional poker player Antanas Guoga has submitted a tongue-in-cheek application to become the leader of the British Ukip party following the...
Lithuanian MEP offers Farage €1m bet that Britain won't Brexit
2016 m. birželio 21 d. 11:46
Lithuanian member of the European Parliament Antanas Guoga has offered a bet to...
Basir, Lithuanian-speaking Afghan refugee, accepts job offer from MEP
2016 m. gegužės 31 d. 09:42
Abdul Basir Youssuf , the Afghani NATO interpreter who had worked with Lithuanian...
Lithuanian MEP Guoga is 'Donald Trump of the European Parliament' - Politico
2016 m. gegužės 19 d. 15:34
Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga is "the closest thing the [European] Parliament has to a...
Guoga leaves Liberal Movement, Vilnius mayor to vie for party chairmanship
2016 m. gegužės 17 d. 15:27
MEP Antanas Guoga , acting leader of Lithuania's Liberal Movement , has said he plans to leave the party. The party's leadership previously considered to expel Guoga.
Liberals want to expel Guoga following controversial statements
2016 m. gegužės 17 d. 12:00
The Liberal Movement is to discuss a motion to expel the party's acting leader Antanas...
Guoga says Liberal Movement corruption may go deeper than Masiulis
2016 m. gegužės 17 d. 09:15
According to European Parliament member Antanas Guoga , who has become the temporary...
New Liberal leader Guoga to sell off Lithuanian businesses
2016 m. gegužės 16 d. 09:06
Antanas Guoga , who became the acting head of the Liberal Movement following the...
Lithuanian-speaking Afghani refugee receives job offer from businessman-MEP
2016 m. balandžio 8 d. 14:22
Lithuanian politician-businessman Antanas Guoga has pledged to give a job to Abdul Basir Yoususi, an Afghani refugee who caught the nation's attention last week with...
Lithuanian MEP to work as advisor to Vilnius mayor
2016 m. kovo 4 d. 09:41
Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius has appointed Liberal Movement vice-chairman MEP Antanas Guoga as a public advisor.
MEP Guoga to give up Australian citizenship ahead of elections in Lithuania
2016 m. vasario 15 d. 16:20
Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga , member of the Liberal Movement party, says he has decided...
Opinion: Why Baltics should hope Marco Rubio wins US presidential election  (2)
2016 m. vasario 8 d. 11:26
The election for US President is well underway and the races are so close that only a few...
Liberals need to think differently to make gains from second place
2016 m. vasario 1 d. 08:17
The Liberal Movement are securely the second-most popular party in Lithuania after the...
Social democrat and liberal Lithuanian MEPs ‘most active’ in European Parliament
2016 m. sausio 7 d. 10:45
Social democratic and liberal members of the European Parliament are the most productive Lithuanian delegates, according to, a website analysing the...
MEP Guoga does not give up plans to run for Seimas despite dual citizenship issue
2015 m. gruodžio 4 d. 11:35
A Lithuanian member of the European Parliament , Antanas Guoga , who has Australian citizenship, has recently discovered that Lithuanian laws do not allow foreign...
Politico lists Lithuanian MEP among 28 influential Europeans
2015 m. gruodžio 2 d. 13:57
Political magazine Politico has announced the list of the most influential personalities in...
Dual citizenship bars MEP and American-Lithuanian from running for parliament  (5)
2015 m. gruodžio 1 d. 14:20
During a meeting with the Chair of Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission Zenonas...
MEP Antanas Guoga to challenge PM in Lithuania's parliamentary elections
2015 m. lapkričio 9 d. 15:00
Antanas Guoga , member of the European Parliament , has announced he will be running for a...